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Every Investor, Trader MUST know Basic!!

Friday, July 17, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Lot of people introduced with market by amazing news of market and profit. Many times our friend, collegue or other related person makes bluf (it may be real for it). How they makes Huge amount of Rupees from nothing. This may true. By the greed or hope to make money easily, we entered in amazing world of market.

Most of the time this step by step program execute with most of necommer;
"Next you go to market and get fast CRASH COURSE by computer operator at Broker house. They provide you so called fast money making news. That's Luck!! I observed most of the time newcomer make awesome money on little bet. Then our courage goes on peak of Mount Everest. We start to make bigger bet to get bigger money. Alas ! This time luck start to goes against us, we loose money. Next time this mania of market repeat this thing so many times. At the end we are in huge burden. "

This thing happen with most of the trader who come from non-financial background or they may not have patience to wait.

When you are in market then you must understand something initially, No matter how your background.

If you want to be successful trader, some Basic thing always keep in mind when you are in market.

  • You are in market to make your family happy.
  • ou are come in market to make money.
  • You don't come in market to loose you peace of mind.
    Always keep PEACEFUL MIND.
  • At first step in market Know first market structure. How it works? Don't ashamed to ask authoritative professional.
  • Rather than go behind quick money GURU. Learn yourself.
  • Always hire professional service.
This simple and basic thing will save your money and make you successful and RICH trader in market. No matter you are type of role trader,investor, swing trader, Intraday trader.

Internet is best way to educate. Search in Google lot of e-book are available on every subject and every matter. Just give time for it else time will make you past.

Hope you understand my feelings. If you have any specific queries feel free to write.

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