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My Journey with Linux

Thursday, July 16, 2009 | Labels: | |


As beginner to Linux. I have very little bit of knowledge of Linux Operating system, but I love Linux. I don't know why? but I love it.
It gives me instinct of freedom. I had use Linux almost from one year. I am not tech-savvy person. Still I got very good feeling on Fedora Linux, which is absolutely free.

Initially I was use FEDORA 6 then upgrade with FEDORA 10.

I like to play with various program on Gnome based Desktop. I like to make experiment with my PC. I am formatting my hard disk several times. For month I had used KDE based desktop. I like Gnome more than KDE.

KDE have excellent graphics, but it is feel boring to me. It is useful to WINDOW savvy person. It is quite closed to WINDOWS environment. There so many games are already with KDE Desktop. If you still miss the WINDOWS environment, then you can install WINE program which is best to RUN "exe" files. So you can use so many program with "exe" on your Linux system.

Installing program with Linux is quite difficult because of totally new things comes. But you feel so easy with YUM command.

Still I am learning Linux OS. This journey of learning is so interesting to me. Sometime I was get frustrated when I didn't get any solution.
Then I leave this thing for another day. When it comes next time it may be solved.

Problem comes, solution get after so many brain scratching and surfing on Google. This feel me like real life quest.

There is many interesting problem and there solution are in mind to share with you. This experiences I will share with you as it rewind in mind.

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