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Prepare for Worst before it arrive

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


In this fast changing world, man develop it's surrounding amazing speed. Till we are unable predict future. Future is always uncertain for us.There may chances to good or bad things in future.

Current recession and slowdown is same condition. We were not predict it properly, as result their is serious effect on whole world. This condition makes different impact on society. So many people loss there jobs, their living style. Starvation is being faced by many mouths. This types of changes are always come in front of human being. Some critical condition we can predict and prepare for it, but some mishap we can not predict so they riven up our soul mind also.

So if we are agree on that mishap, worst incidence are happen every time; then what next. We have to prepare our mind, body , soul, our family and our surrounding for worst.

When we are in good condition, then always give some time to prepare for future. You can save money for future. You can exercise when you are in good shape, rather than run on jogging track when your body look like beer drum.

Preparation for worst always made, before it occurrence. Every player who are involve in market or any type of job. Always make some reserve for future use. Never touch this reserve when on little needs. Use this preparation in worst, rather than futile thing. We are always taking risk in market so this best to use some insured money for our future.

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