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Can Higher Education possible without loan?

Thursday, August 27, 2009 | | |


Higher Education is need of present market. Everyone want to good education himself and their children also. Education system demand so much money to pursue Degree. This become menace for parents. Most of middle class parents already use their all loan facility to pay fees of colleges. Today education goes in grief of some high cost. Day by day education become more costlier than past. Even KG fees is also goes beyond limit of parents. Then how can one pays for higher degree? System come with new solution “ Education loan”.

What is Education?
Education is process of make aware for history. Obviously all laws of history feed to student in hope he will deliver some new output. Those output again feed students as history. This chain reaction process. (This is purely my own view). This system can creates good employee.. Still it is necessity of parents and society to make their children able read and write. They want higher degree certificate at the end of education.

Education is process of learning. This process start from mother's womb. Nature is greats teacher. This system is give approval of educated when one pass with good remarks.

I don't want to confuse your mind. Just I want to remind all parents about what is actual education. Education must have ethical and cultural values else you child become only robots with good memory. This robot will memories all laws of science and other subject, but he could not understand how to live in society.

This few words will help parents to take any decision about their child. Today education with good value is must.

Now come to original topic “ Education loan” This start to become necessity today. Is that good that you child start after education life to pay loans? I know their is know alternative to money, but there is alternative to education system.

Now days Open Universities are proved themselves best in quality. Open universities come with aim “ Education to all”. They also minimize cost of education more than our expectation. They make education to cheap in “Cost”, but with best in “Quality”.

So now this on parents and students what they think about Open Universities. This is only glimpse of ray to alternative for costly education. This is also best in quality.

What is your opinion about Open Universities. Tell reader will help to society.

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