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Every investor must know:Worldwide stock exchange list

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Every trader do trading in stock market. They use so may trading system for win. They do our own work. But Do you know how many other stock market are available in world. The whole world trade in every second. Just look at list of Worldwide stock Exchange list. Then how many trader are trading daily on those stock exchanges. How many stock are gives quotes every second? How much money changes hands daily. This world is full of opportunities just dream and make action. You will be successful one....

I like to present this list for your information. Just imagine!! We are not alone in this world of finance.
We are builder of economies......

African Stock Exchanges

  • GhanaStock Exchange, Ghana
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange, South Africa
  • The South African Futures Exchange(SAFEX), South Africa
Asian Stock Exchanges
  • Sydney Futures Exchange, Australia
  • Australian Stock Exchanges, Australia
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China
  • Stock Exchange of Hong Kong,Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Futures Exchange,Hong Kong
  • National Stock Exchange of India,India
  • Bombay Stock Exchange, India
  • Jakarta Stock Exchange, Indonesia
  • Indonesia NET Exchange,Indonesia
  • Nagoya Stock Exchange,Japan
  • Osaka Securities Exchange, Japan
  • Tokyo Grain Exchange, Japan
  • Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange (TIFFE), Japan
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan
  • Korea Stock Exchange, Korea
  • Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Malaysia
  • New Zealand Stock Exchange, New Zealand
  • Karachi Stock Exchange, Pakistan
  • Lahore Stock Exchange, Pakistan
  • Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES), Singapore
  • Singapore International Monetary Exchange Ltd. (SIMEX), Singapore
  • Colombo Stock Exchange, Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka Stock Closings, Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan Stock Exchange, Taiwan
  • The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Thailand
European Stock Exchanges
  • Vienna Stock Exchange, Austria
  • EASDAQ, Belgium
  • Zagreb Stock Exchange, Croatia
  • Prague Stock Exchange, Czech Republic
  • Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Denmark
  • Helsinki Stock Exchange, Finland
  • Paris Stock Exchange, France
  • LesEchos: 30-minute delayed prices, France
  • NouveauMarche, France
  • MATIF, France
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany
  • Athens Stock Exchange, Greece
  • Budapest Stock Exchange, Hungary
  • Italian Stock Exchange, Italy
  • National Stock Exchange of Lithuania,Lithuania
  • Macedonian Stock Exchange, Macedonia
  • Amsterdam Stock Exchange, The Netherlands
  • Oslo Stock Exchange, Norway
  • Warsaw Stock-Exchange, Poland
  • Lisbon Stock Exchange, Portugal
  • Bucharest Stock Exchange, Romania
  • Russian Securities Market News, Russia
  • Ljubljana Stock Exchange,Inc., Slovenia
  • Barcelona Stock Exchange, Spain
  • Madrid Stock Exchange, Spain
  • MEFF: (Spanish Financial Futures & Options Exchange), Spain
  • Stockholm Stock Exchange, Sweden
  • Swiss Exchange, Switzerland
  • Istanbul Stock Exhange, Turkey
  • FTSE International (London Stock Exchange), United Kingdom
  • London Stock Exchange: Daily Price Summary, United Kingdom
  • Electronic Share Information, UnitedKingdom
  • London Metal Exchange,United Kingdom
  • London InternationalFinancial Futures and Options Exchange, United Kingdom
Middle Eastern Stock Exchanges
  • Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel
  • Amman Financial Market, Jordan
  • Beirut Stock Exchange, Lebanon
  • Palestine Securities Exchange, Palestine
  • Istanbul Stock Exhange, Turkey
North American Stock Exchanges
  • Alberta Stock Exchange, Canada
  • Montreal Stock Exchange, Canada
  • Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada
  • Vancouver Stock Exchange, Canada
  • Winnipeg Stock Exchange, Canada
  • Canadian Stock Market Reports, Canada
  • Canada Stockwatch, Canada
  • Mexican Stock Exchange, Mexico
  • AMEX, United States
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE),United States
  • NASDAQ, United States
  • The Arizona Stock Exchange, United States
  • Chicago Stock Exchange, United States
  • Chicago Board Options Exchange, United States
  • Chicago Board of Trade, United States
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange, United States
  • Kansas City Board of Trade, United States
  • Minneapolis Grain Exchange, United States
  • Pacific Stock Exchange, United States
  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange, United States
South American Stock Exchanges
  • Bermuda Stock Exchange, Bermuda
  • Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange, Brazil
  • Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, Brazil
  • Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, Cayman Islands
  • Chile Electronic Stock Exchange, Chile
  • Santiago Stock Exchange, Chile
  • Bogota stock exchange, Colombia
  • Occidente Stock exchange, Colombia
  • Guayaquil Stock Exchange, Ecuador
  • Jamaica Stock Exchange, Jamaica
  • Nicaraguan Stock Exchange, Nicaragua
  • Lima Stock Exchange, Peru
  • Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Caracas Stock Exchange, Venezuela
  • Venezuela Electronic Stock Exchange, Venezuela

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