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H1N1 flu...word from heart........

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | | |


H1N1 FLU hits India before few days. Till today it takes 17 lives to make them dead. So many cases are diagnosed and cure but out of them 17 were die. Pune is on top list of “Swine flu”. Every one is quite and frightened. Today our city “Nasik” witnessed to one Doctor die. Roads of Nasik starts to empty and most crowd wear masks. I don't know how much those ordinary masks are prevent them from flu.
But every one start to spend some money on those masks. Whole city is looking like hospital. Never before we see those masks on road. I had only saw those masks on mouth of Doctor who role in movie.
Weather of city is very humid. This is time of rainy season, but in this season two and half month is passed out of four month. Only four days, rain come to make city wet like shower of saloon. Sun is come out only once in week or in month. This is cause of worry. I learn some year ago in Biology is that this weather is suited and well to develop viruses. This found true in Nasik and Puna. Both city has only 250 Km distance.
Some people send SMS to their friends how to take prevention. Some SMS gives remedy from Homeapathy, some says about Ayurvedic solution. Some expert of Yoga says to “Do Pranayam”. I don't know how much they work. I am not expert of any medicine. Still date I recognize their is good way to isolate your self from crowd. If your immune system is strong their is less chances to H1N1 virus attack on your body.
Today curiously I am start finding about H1N1 virus on net.
I know, I can't make difference anyone's life. But curiosity is no way to avoid. There is chance to get good information and precaution on net, which will helpful to me, my family and my society. I make decision to do Pranayam. I believe on that old age techniques of breath.
Hope this we over come on this disease and no more lives are passes from this Heavenly MOTHER EARTH.

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