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How to become RICH :2

Monday, August 31, 2009 | Labels: , | |


How to become RICH

This is second article for how to become RICH. In previous article of How to become RICH :1, we go through the meaning of financial literacy and its need. In this article we seen nest step of become RICH. This mission of become RICH require lot of patience. You are reading this article means you are make your mind to become RICH. RICH is not only definition, it is way of life style also.

  • Powerful Urge is essential one
How much money do you think is enough for you, so people and your self feel you RICH? Do you know answer for this question. There is whole universe full of money then what is your goal for pursue wealth? There is no limit to make effort for acquire wealth. You have decide your goal. Money without goal is junk. There must be some meaning, some purpose behind your motivation. No matter, what it will be? But there should be some motivation behind it's urge. You can not be become RICH without powerful urge. This urge may be for your leisure lifestyle, may be fulfill your families wants, it may be requirement of your research. Urge is very important in path of BECOME RICH. Money can not make you RICH alone.

  • Attitude
Your attitude must be as RICH. If you live like poor then you must be poor. I don't want say that spend your all money in one day so your attitude will become as RICH. If you look close at RICH person, you will find attitude of RICH. Make your attitude positive. God give equal chance to all. So rather than crying on fate make your attitude positive.

What you expect from other? You expect so many things from others. You want co-operation from other. Then your co-operation to other first. Then you should found how people willingly help you. I don't know who are you? What's your profile? In every work, job business try to give more than expectation of others. Give with dignity. You will get more job, more work, more business never before it gets. Gives 100% satisfactions to other of your job.

  • Smile
Single smile can do million dollar job. Smile is gift of GOD. Think how much smile and laugh in childhood? Why this smile is disappear and you become serious as increase in age. Really serious face solve all problem?  Is that serious face is symbol of knowledge?  Why one wear seriousness on face?
Smile is foot mark of life. You can judge person by his face. If smile is there, he is alive else he is dead by mind. He is just machine.

Just change in your face with curves of smile. You will find your world change slowly but happily. You can think for you future in positive way with smile only, else it become boring work. Keep smile on your face. Think good for other so your smile comes naturally. You do not require work for it. Just natural smile come on your face like stream of crystal clear water run through rock bed.

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