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Today I like to present you series of HOW TO BECOME TRADER. Till this date we are seen so many aspects of trading. This series is demand of my reader. Thanks to all my reader in journey of more than three year. You all always appreciate and timely enhance my writhing by given valuable opinions.

This series is helpful to new beginner as well as old trader also. Wise man always sharpen their knowledge regularly. Trading is serious business. I don't want to make you serious, but business is serious. Keep your self spill with joy but do trading seriously. Trading is not one night game. There is not fast techniques to learn trading. If you thought you come with one or two books, and you will be successful trader. Then keep in mind you will take chance to loose money in market.

No matter where you trader in commodity, stock , money market. Trading is always serious business. Once you decide to become trader, you half of work. The next step is like climbing and trekking on Mount Everest. Slow but consistent effort will awards you.

Whatever you family background, when you think for as trader start trading from that day. I don't mean that put your all money in market and take big bate. You can do trading without money. Sit next to online screen , trade with various stock script for enjoy. Initially take it as enjoy meantime develop your understanding of trading.

Trading is basically consist only three things ;

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Exit (book profit or loss)

It is so simple. No way to confuse!!

Now you have your tools;
Online screen which always with rare change, understand various stock. Their current price, bidding price, ask price.

Current traded price :-on which last trade execute i.e last traded price(LTP)
Bid price:- This is price of buyer, who want to buy stock.
Ask price:- This is price of seller, where seller want sell their stock.

These are basic.

Now take paper. Buy stock which attract you. Sell it on your desire rate. Do trade as much,which keep you enjoyable. Calculate balance of day i.e. loss or profit.

Remark those papers what you learn today. Paper trading is like Aircraft simulation. You are become pilot of stock market with this simple process of trading.

I hope you enjoy paper trading. Do it over day keep all pages with remarks in one file. Review it over week. Try to avoid mistakes you had done previous day.

I don't want to make burden on your brain with single day so I put every aspect bit by bit. Hope you enjoy this.

With this journey you will find yourself as successful trader. So keep in touch. You have any queries or and suggestion feel free to ask.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey thanks I like ur way of trading on paper its really a gud study...thanks

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