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Is it time to change salutation method...What do you think?

Sunday, August 23, 2009 | | |


This days most of part of world is cover by Swine Flu. .. Reason of spreading Swine Flu are very interesting. One can not easily avoid to meet people. This is very tough to wear always mask on mouth.

How much time you can avoid people? This Earth is now full of crowd... more than 600 billion people are lived on earth.

I want to realist to world about one of the salutation method, which may cause to spread many diseases. “Shake Hand” is widely used method to use world wide. Modernization spread use of shake hand in fast manner. In “ shake hand” we make hand to hand salutation with other. This is quite familiar to everyone, but this Swine flu is told us this method may cause to spread diseases. No one knows what's are present in others hand.

I like present you one 5000 year old method of salutation, which is best than any other method of salutation. This method is “Namste” or “Namasakar” which is originated from India and extensively use in all Asian countries. This is more safer than “Shake hand” .

This is my own view. Look at those picture of salutation. Use “Namste”, rather than “Shake hand”. What do you think about it? Is it good or bad? This article is in interest of public health of world wide. Your opinion are valuable for that...

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