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How to choose Mutaul fund for your need & List of Mutual fund Companies in India

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Now days Mutual fund start to grow fast. They make history of Mutual Fund businesses, they are succeeded to acquire more investment as compare to Stock market in India. Mutual fund is very good source of investment in both government and corporate securities. Most of the state owned companies also good pie in Mutual fund. Initially UTI is holding monopoly in this sector. Now more and more mutual fund exists as new player of market. Public sector bank also make their own room in this sector, SBI Mutual fund is one of the example of it.

Mutual fund are able to make faith in mind of investor with good track record and earning to investor. This is only cause, layman also attracted to invest in Mutual fund. This collected money from root investor is invested in various instrument like shares, debenture and other types of securities. Thus mutual fund is most suitable investment option for investor. Mutual portfolio is managed by professionally higher qualities of person. Their investment is spread in diversified sector. It minimize risk.

    How to choose Mutual fund for your money;
  • Motto of Mutual fund offers by Fund manager
  • Every one should check where your hard money goes to invest by fund manager. Every fund is offered specific plan of portfolio. They provide you detail information about where money would be invest.
  • History of Mutual fund
  • Track record provided by Mutual fund prospect must be checked by every investor. This track record is not guarantee of future performance. This data give some what hazy view of mutual fund performance. It is not necessary that all award winning fund are best. 
  • Check appropriate option in Fund
  • Now days funds are come with various return plan choice for investor. As per risk taking ability you can choose suitable plan for you. If you don't know or confuse about anything ask to Mutual fund's financial adviser. They will calculate your risk taking ability and where to invest more accuretly. Don't follow as layman. Judge all stastastic with own wisdom. 
  • Evaluate value of Unit
  • By comparing two or more same field of fund, you can able to evalute raw figure of price comparison of fund.
These are general point to be consider while choosing Mutual fund. You can add more check point in above list.

There are so many Mutual fund are availbale in India. One can choose one of them as per your objective of investment.

List of Mutual Fund in India.
LIC Mutual Fund
SBI Mutual Fund
TATA Mutual Fund
Unit Trust Of India
ICICI Prudential
Reliance Mutual Funds
Franklin Templeton
ABN Amro
Bank of Baroda
Birla Sun Life
Canara Bank
DBS Chola Mandalam AMC
DSP Merrill Lynch
Deutsche Bank
Escorts Mutual
JM Financial
JP Morgan
Kotak Mahindra
Lotus India
Morgan Stanley
Sahara Mutual Funds
Standard Chartered
Sundaram BNP Paribas
Taurus Mutual Funds
Benchmark Funds

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