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REST is required to new ZEST

Friday, August 14, 2009 | | |


REST is required to new ZEST

We are running whole day behind our work. We run to achieve goal, we run for job, we run for our child, we run for passion, run for carrier. We are do everything with best. God gives 24 hours in day. We sleep and charge our body, soul, mind. We again run for pursuing our wants.

In between some time we forgot most essential thing, our body, mind, soul and family. We are best creature of GOD. We exploit our body to that extent where body, mind,soul SAY NO MORE PLEASE !! At this moment we found are on bed of hospital. This time after thinking for busy scheduled and other losses, we give some time to think for our selves. When doctor advice more time required compulsory to rest, then we think for body. We are not machine. We have childish mind, we have clear water mind. They want some REST dear!!

We have set some time for our self for REST. Rest is necessary to calm mind,to calm body, to calm soul, feel nature. Every end of week their should be some to leisure of our self. Just relax on bed. Read
you favorite romantic book, watch movie with loving one. Play with beloved puppy. They all give you their waves to change your life. Your life will soon full with blossom of happiness. Joy will overflowed in your life. You become best father, best husband, best boss, best man,best child of nature.
Just give some time to understand to other. To rest ....

Rest is charge your every cell. Every organ give bless. You become more younger than your son. Just feel ...How enjoy holiday in your school life? Enjoy every movement like bees,just fly on every flower and taste small dew...You feel God will laugh with you...You become immortal...your smile dance on you lips and cheeks....

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