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Top list of companies for Intraday Trader

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Top list of companies for Intraday Trader

When I come to trading habit, then I found one amazing thing common to me. I ask other my fellow trader about there experiences. This amazing thing is that their trading habit on specifid companies. Most of trader gains when they come to these companies. I had made list of this companies, again check it with opinions of other trader. I like present you TOP COMPANIES LIST for INTRADAY trading easiness and gain awesome profit.

You will observed that this companies are normally good volatile to make trade for both direction. They have good volumes and high trading counter. Use this list of companies to get maximum profit. These companies have specific band of move. If you studied it for some days then you automatically know point of “where to buy” and “where to sell”.

  • RCOM
  • RIL
  • L&T
  • ABB
  • ABAN

I had found this list companies, where most of traders are like to trade. Trader found this is winning list. These all companies are favorite of trader. Use this magic list to gain profit.

Caution: This companies are volatile, so always keep in mind to book profit as early as possible. If you found against tide then you surely goes in loss.

I know you all are trader. If you have any favorite companies to trade then suggest its name to our reader to get benefit. We always welcome to add in our magic list if your suggestion is fulfill our criteria.

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