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Use your weekend become winner NEXT Monday

Saturday, August 22, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Friday is last day of trading week. When closing bell rang on Friday, every trader back to home with there balance of money and havoc of thoughts. Some are happy to go for weekend because they made good money in market on this week, most of them are unhappy and anxious because of they lose money in market. This is not happy moment to be a loser. Many time we cures our mind, trading system or market. This is very anxious moment. This article is for both trader who are loser and who are on winning side. This article help you to Monday market. If you are in hurry to enjoy holiday, then just give some more minutes to this article. I am sure you are in mood of fun.

So many trader are trading on stock market of world. Every come in market in hope of win. This is main in maker. Billion of transaction happen in those five days. What you think? What traded in market? May be you in commodity market, money market, stock market.  What do you think what are traded in market? Answer is not simple as you are ready to give first instance to prove me fool.

In every market in world, only one thing is traded in market, that are “YOUR EMOTION.”

Surprise!! This is true... Recall to your memory then you should own come to this answer” EMOTION” There not required big scientist or Author of any financial magazine or any smart person to  prove this answer is RIGHT Or WRONG.

Then come to point, what you should you do in those WEEKEND to make your emotion in under control. No matter you are on wining side or Losing side for this week. You have to give little time to make you winner next week.

You include this things on your week end so you can make emotion in your favor.

  • Forget all about past trading session.
  • Enjoy this weekend with your family, so you are rejuvenate yourself.
  • Give full time to you kids.
  • Add YOGA in your life style.

This is four point make your charge for Monday morning. This help you to be pleasant and calm minded person.  Now last point , when there is last few hours to bed on Sunday. Give some time for

Think for what's WRONG OR GOOD in trading system(style) of last week, in result your LOSER or GAINER.

  • Make some home work for Monday.
  • I don't want to take you more time, I know you are eager to enjoy WEEKEND. Enjoy those days forget about all world.
Live in moment, in present.

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