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Want to become Technical Analyst!!

Monday, August 3, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Every investor and trader always want to be free from "free tips provider". Rather than depend on other, it is best to make individual effort to manage our portfolio. I am writing this articles for those people who are interested in finance, else don't waste your time.

We always fascinated to be jackpot in market. This may possible with only consistence effort, else you loose all your money in market, So first step to make effort in right direction. We first know where we go, whether it's right direction or wrong. This can be done using analyzing what we done in market. There is two way of analyzing one is fundamental analysis and another one is Technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis is term one who is expert in analysis balance sheet, quarterly and yearly result, those person understand law of supply and demand. This are terms included to be Fundamental analyst.

On another side technical analyst are use human behavior, price history, various indicator, ratio's to predict run.

Nse comes with TAME (Technical Analysis Made Easy) which service leach you how to become technical analyst.

This Service is paid for their user.

One another way using Yahoo! finance. Where you can find all charts and all ratio's.

Rediff is also provide good data to become technical analyst.

ICICIDIRECT is also provide you all data. Using this data you can predict price's run of stock.

Perfection in prediction is comes over time. So you have to stick with your strategy. If your strategy is fail, then make some correction. Rather than make change in whole plan,Make small but firm chages.

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