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ADD Some OXYGEN in your life to BECOME RICH

Saturday, September 19, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Some word come from heart of any one. They hit to hearts of million, but some heart use this word to make and change their fate. They become next of world. They become successful in life. Those change their odds for develop their status and soul. Money could not burn as fuel because it requires oxygen of thoughts.

Words from great mouth come become quotes for us. Those timely proved quotes change lives of millions. Just few word can change you life. So today this article's aim is to provide you great word in life with free of charge.

Before it I want to give one of  great quote by great man.

Do you want to make your organization as successful organization?
Then don't forget to read the advice and practical follow up line by Mr. Azim Premji, who is founder and chairman of Wipro. Wipro is giant of computer and IT industry.

I read their advice and line they provided in article of Rediff. I feel this line can make your organization on top of best. So I like pronounced those lines for you here.

"Build your organization that is grounded on values and practice these values on a 'no exception basis'. Integrity is the biggest value and you either espouse this value or don't. Let there be no shades of grey while following you company values.'

He also continued to next that business came not success, but from failures. Learning from these failures gave me the courage to take bold decisions.

Now you can understand those why I put those quote for you. In last of his talk of he point out that on education system.

Okay now you can understand value of big quotes.

I know you all know the value of great thoughts. So I like to present you one good blog which provides his valuable collection on daily basis. It also delives his collecion using googles SMS service. So you can add more oxygen in your life to become succeful, wealth and RICH

Then you can use this word to chnge your lives. Write to me if you like this blog.VALUABLE QUOTES

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