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Bad habits which Ruin your MONEY.

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Investment is done on base of money. So we come to conlusion is that only money is enough to become RICH. Investor must know that investment is game of your behaviour ,not “game of money”. It is game of behaviour but most of investor, dosen't know about it. So they keep wasting their money, time and peace of mind with every pounds. If we want to make our investment secure with good return over time. We invest money with some own belif. We do everything right which help our investment to grow.
We do investment with some own belifs amd knowledge. We have common bad habits in most of investor in early stage. Those bad habit are in their behaviour. Bad habit must be overcome by investor if they want to grow their money.
  • Overconfidence
This is biggest enemy of investor. Most of investor read some books and magzine. They feel they are knowledgebal to invest. They make their effort to aquire investment knowledge. This is good for investment. If you go in flow of overconfidence over time, it will bad habit to your money.
No matter where you are going to invest in stock market, mutual fund, gold, real estate or Fixed deposit . You believe on your knowledge, but do not keep overconfidence. This overconfidence may found cause of your money loss.
  • Overscrutnining
Scrutiny is essential while invest. Scurtiny is not mean that you buried yourself in pile of documents of balancesheet and so many newspaper. Over input to analysis of any instrument take your time. It will confuse you when input for analysis is more. You have to make more yourself with few but with accurate input key area to analyze any instrument.
Try to save time. Time of investment is important else your winning side goes in turmoil.
  • Careless For Price
Due to so many transaction, we forget buying price is most important to decide your profit. Your profit is start with when you buy any instrument with undervalue. You must keen for buying price. Buying price is crucial in stock market, in commodity market, gold or any type of market to decide your side. Buying price is key factor which decide whether you are on winning or losing side.
  • Throw Documents in trash
Every institute reagrding your investment, send you some documents for your information purpose. Those documets are important. Keep documetation in proper order. Read all document porperly.
These factor are behaviour, you must give more time to override those bad habits if you want to grow your money. If you want to RICH then you must eliminate those loop holes from your persnality. Now you know basic but important bad habits of investment. Once you know your enemy, then you can prepare yourself to plan. You can eaily those habit easily when you understand it.

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