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Friday, September 25, 2009 | | |


What is purpose of our life ? Ever you think for that. Don't be afraid I don't want to make scratch on your head. I just want to you, you should think for that. Is there making money and run for money only purpose of life? Or eat sleep life is cause of life. I think we are great creature of God. So there must be some purpose of life.

Every one has to find out their own meaning for life, else it will just pass out. Do you like to just pass life? I don't know about you, I am always in search of meaning of life. This force me to try and learn new thing at every passing moment. This make me happy also.

We here not come here to eat and sleep only. Make some "karma"(our own job), those will define your life's aim. That mean every one has to do there job or work to make society happy. This will give shape to your life also. One can enjoy life also.

This is my random thought. What do think about life? Write for us.

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