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Higher Education Trap of Loan

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 | | |


Higher Education Trap of Loan

Student enter in campus means he is responsible to ruin of all balances of bank. Even though most of parents in goes in Loan. This is common phenomena become in India.

Education is become costly day by day. Education fees start to increase with "power of compounding". Education force students to take Education Loan. It means when student out of university he is become slave of financial institute.

He has to think first to pay off his loans first. Is this good for student to start his life in loan? Is this good for nation? Really education require so much capital? Then what's future of students of country?
This question of today will become social problem of tomorrow.

What you think for this? Is that right to take education loan ? Is there is no alternative in this system?

What's future of our student's? Can you give your contribution to suggest student any alternative to high cost education? Can online education or open universities can become alternative to traditional education system?

It's now time to re-think about education system. There is need to come to same education system through out all countries. We have to make some other way of education than traditional ways.

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