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I learn TO say "No", Do you?

Sunday, September 6, 2009 | | |


To day I give five hour in meeting of Network marketing. Since 1998 I was aware about network marketing. Due to bad experience in initial step, I am always keep distance from those marketing person. In those network marketing product I am always feel something like cheating to other. Most of the network marketing comes initially in India with very high cost. Later some companies try to make this deficiency out. They try with cheap product. Still there is some problem. I know so many person, whom I always like to keep distance. Those people were very sticky. Even though most of them spoil social states as good man. Most of people like me feel, they are cheater. They only come to push there membership and product. They sell dream to us..

With such negative approach I had in my mind network marketing. I know very well most of them who earn, but they joined companies initially with good financial support. Instead of those winner, all keep dreams in heart to be successful sales person. They always dreamt for royalty of business. There were so many scam also.

One agent whose approach is very strong, who make me agree to come for there meeting. I had give my valuable five hours for there meet. They nothing cost me. I only want to tell how much some convince to some one. After 11 years of first bad experience, I had go for those meet. I doesn't joined them. Today I feel this meet great, I learn today how to approach to someone. Today I doesn't concentrate on their product, their high earning. Today I like to analysis there mind. How positively they approach to someone? How they talk to some one stranger? Today I had learn to say “NO”, but in different and more social manner. I feel so much awkward to say “No” to some one. This is achievement for me.

“No” This word is seem very little, but this word is very tough to tell some one. I was ever hurt so many my loving when I say “No”. So I am frightened for this word.Say "No" when you are not agree. This will save your money, peace of mind. It will enhance your decision power. This will grow your personality over time. Say "No" is skill. It doesn't come overnight. You have to practice for it. How to say "NO" politely?

So I like to tell you, attain so many meeting to develope your self. This are good chance to meet strangers and develope your circle. This might help you in future to earn money and credit in society.

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