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Is there chances to Free SMS going to charge us..

Thursday, September 3, 2009 | Labels: | |


Now next time you get Message from your bank or airlines services it might make little hole in pocket.The SMS service like Free and bulk SMS providersin India like SMSGupshup,MyToday, Way2SMS Those services are not charges SMS. Though bank and airlines used this seriveces to send information to their customer. Now big mobile operator like Airtel, Idea and Tata teleservices are going to bind in agremment to each other. They will charge more than 10-15 paisa per SMS on which network SMS recived.
This mean Intially they charge free and bulk service provider. Those money automatically transfer their customer. This is starting of free service goes to paid soon. This is one of the wide spread service. Currently this service is used in area like booking ticket, book movie tickets, banking and free offers. Many states are used this service to increase awareness against swine flu. In costal area this service is used as warning system.
This agreement till not going on final, there is chaces of free bulk SMS provier will go for TRAI. So there is till hope that this service remain free. Hope so... This always happen. This usual to us, when some service goes in good end. They start to charge for it. I know those people only think for short term. There is also some companies who totally use free to all technology to spread their product. Even with free product, they earn money. Greatest example of this is GOOGLE. They provide all service in free, till they are on top in world.
Now count down to end of Free SMS service starts. Till then use free SMS servies and enjoy. Hope is only way to think , you should not pay for those SMS.

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  1. mb says:

    It's very unlikely for Operators to have an Inter-connect or Termination charge as the ARPU (Avergae Revenue Per User is at all time high since ever the telecom boom in India. TRAI would not hamper it's growth by implicating an additional charge. Also, with new operators coming in, it only means more accounting, more paperwork and more policing for TRAI; And we all know Govt. bodies arent very efficient when it comes to that! It's a Southward industry and prices have never and will never rise in any service sector.

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