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Sanskrit is not a dead Language

Sunday, September 20, 2009 | | |


Sanskrit is language is always called mother on all language. Today I see the one advertisement of bike. They noted point on Sanskrit speaking village in India. They also provide some information like name of village "Mattur".

Till date we are always hear from so many teachers of school and college that Sanskrit is old language and dead now. This statement become false by this Advertisement.

This information make happy to philanthropist. They can study the oldest language of world. This language having very good, vast and old
scientific literature.

This is property of all world. We have to make effort to help flourish this language.

After watching this Ad I came to amazing information about this village. My curiosity make me eager to read all those article. If you are also interested then you can read at "Sanskrit spoken Village".

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  1. sfauthor says:

    Nice posting. Do you know about these Sanskrit books?

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