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SENSEX may hit 50000 mark in 9 years

Sunday, September 6, 2009 | Labels: | |


SENSEX may HITS 50000. If you are my regular reader then you must read my previous article regarding this. You may like to know more about this prediction(which I had done past). You can check prediction SENSEX more than 50000.

 Most of analyst are agree on that Indian Shares are more "Cheaper" than 2007 valuer of those stock. That means most of Indian stock are undervalued. This is great chance to buy stock to make Ideal Portfolio.

Morgan Stanely also predict for SENSEX it goes to 17600 in July 2010, this time is prediction is greater than by 600 point. In past they predict it for 17000.

Most of Funds are bullish on Indian economy. This is key point to see optimistically for future of Indian Economy. If all is gone in well (weather also key factor for growth of SENSEX and Nifty ) then you may witnessed to 50000 target within 7 years.

One of the main reason for bullish future is believe on policy of Mr. Manmahon Singh (Prime Minister Of India.)

Though if you are also bullish then start to choose valuable stock for you. Initially time always give you chance to choose best. Once rally start, then you have to buy which come in-front of you due to market force.

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