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STOP SMOKING...It can save your MONEY and HEALTH

Thursday, September 24, 2009 | Labels: , | |


“Cigarette smoking is Injurious to health” This sentence how many time are read by so many smoker. I think this in only sentence which published on high rank in world. It is only sentence which ignored more than any thing else. I don't want to advise you. I am not doctor to give you any advice regarding your health. If you are (if your are smoker) not listen to your family and friend then this some black word how convince you. Still this is attempt to make you show some light on crucial thing.

With every “filter” meet to ash tray you waste your valuable resources money. This is my first point. If you are make calculation how much money you daily spend for your smoking habit, then you can easily calculate whole span of your habit. There is no need of any financial adviser to tell you about that valuable resource could easily change you live. Not only you but also your families life. If you would use this money for your progress, then this money was make difference in your whole financial position.
Some people even argue that what to do with money if then not useful to “make enjoy.” My answer for them that you can make various way. Smoking is not way of enjoy. This is  not also way of release your tension or tiredness.

Smoking is basically hurt you breathing system. Can you imagine your self NO OXYGEN for two minutes? (Do not try this!!) You can not be alive without oxygen. If your so called costlier Cigarette choke your breath, how can you live without air? This is slow process but if happens.

My second point is that you spend lot of money to continue your habit of smoking whole life, then what's next. It is not helpful to your health also. It degrades your health also. Some time it cause of Cancer. Due to cigarette there is chances of ill health 100%. That means there is money for your health  care also. Lot of money!!

Then you think yourself, Is it wise decision to use money both for to smoke cigarette and to stop it. To maintain health you should again require money. I think wise person can easily understand what I want to say. Now think yourself... (If someone hurt by this article then I apologized them.) Do you want to read more about this? or you want to stop smoking,READ THIS

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