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Time is money for investor... what for you?

Monday, September 21, 2009 | | |


God gifted every person with same capital which is money. God provide 24 hours to each and every creator. This is common to all some people use them properly. They then rewarded by fame, money. Time is only prove yourself. Time is deadline of your achievement. You will get evaluate by time. If you wasting time then time will disappeared and you have to pay it's value. If you respect to time and behave with time then it will reward as complete of your wishes.( Your wish should be respected to nature)

Time is never ending. It flows like river. It start early before existence and it will flow after our existence. Only we never remain to see it. This is precious commodity. It is not in control of any one. If you want to make your wishes like become rich, successful or whatever may be it. You have to respect time. Some time even you have wait for right time. Nothing is get early the time.

Some people relax whole day waste time. Relaxing is not bad but every moment passes in rest will wastage of time. This may be laziness. So we have to keen observation on own self. There may chance to laziness ride on our head.

So this crucial time is very important in the field of money. In stock market with distance of seconds you may lose your money or RIGHT time will make you next Billion re.

I know every one try to respect time, but there may chance to wastage of time without consciousness.
You should understand some steps to utilize time best.

  • Wastage of time in front Of TV (It is good to give some time with your family to watch your favorite
  •  program. Sticking to TV is wastage of time.)
  • Live as you have infinite time. Every one has limit on time on earth. So planning is important to use time.
  • Set priorities. DO less priority work at first is also waste of time. So always set priorities of work.
  • Give some time to rejuvenate your self. Give ample of amount time to your family.
 There is one important rule called it 80/20 rule in management study. This rule stated that Only 20% of all the effort you make, causes 80% of your final results!”

This rule for average person. It shows that only our 20% effort out of whole gives 80% result. This rule may not true if you use your time perfectly.

Hope your understand value of time. This is main of this article. Every person must understand it. Investors must be very keen for time, else you money will change hand.

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