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Way of give new ZEST to life-Sunday

Saturday, September 5, 2009 | | |


Hi reader ,Sunday most waited day in my life. Do you ever wait for Sunday? Holiday!!! Sunday having very special space in my life. I know every one from childhood is always crazy for Sunday. As like you I was also whole week waiting for Sunday, from Monday I was start my waiting for Sunday.

Waiting for something is very special in your life. When we are waiting for something and it's got after some interval, then joy of getting overflowed from mind. This joy cannot be compare with any other thing. This joy of pursuing something which we most awaited. In this way I always waiting for Sunday in my childhood.

Now I am young man (whatever are age still I am young my mind.) In this time of speedy day of my career I still feel waiting of my childhood for Sunday. I am still waiting for Sunday, no matter How I am busy in make money? I always wait for Sunday. Money is become necessity today, still it is not stole my joy of Sunday. No one can do it.

I have my own ideas with Sunday. I woke up very early from other day, because I get more time to enjoy with my family and friend. I never want in bed till Sun come on horizon. Normally I am late comer on other day. This label is stick to me over period of time by my college and other fellow(even though my boss also.) They accept this reality. No one believe on this, I am woke up early on Sunday.

Ever do this. You get big Sunday in your life. More time to enjoy. Do what ever you want. You can rejoice and full your life with new zest. Give time to yourself, which is not possible in whole week. Then you can realize how much Sunday is helpful to change your life.

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