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Are you forget your aim?

Sunday, October 18, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


Over time as Intraday trader we forget something with passing time.
You may not be agree with me, but you feel overtime I am say right thing.

Market is place where so many figures, emotion and feeling are hammered with passing time. This may be natural over time we forget somethings. Some time in big field we come to found needle, but at the end of day you can found yourself as sleeping man in big tree. That means you forgot your aim to find needle because of pleasant natural scene.

Do you want to learn what we goes forget over time?

We forgot most important thing in market,

  • We are here to earn money
  • You may laugh on me that How can one forget to make, earn money in market? This is seem odd to say that we forget that " We are in market to earn money". This reason why we are in market in market, then how can one forget. No matter you are not agree with me., just last few lines then you can understand What I mean to say? Is it wrong or right? We start to trade in  market with morning opening bell as intraday trader. In first few trade we have very clear consciousness that our goal is earn money. As passing time and our trade go increase we start to fix in web of emotion and feelings. Slowly we forget our aim of earn money and start to make trade. In this time we forget that making trade in not part of trading system. Our goal is earning money in market. Observe your trading style then give answer to your own mind. Market create some illusion in front of us so we forget that not only make trade and increase brokerage is not our aim. How can you over come this? Once you accept that you may forgot that your in market to earn money. Then how you should get free from this problem. This is not tough to read. It is tough to implement. Simple answer for thus is.

You can make yourself on ground with right aim only with help of "Discipline". If you tried daily to maintain you discipline, then you will always keep eye on your aim. In this way you can make good money in stock market. Discipline helps you to make your trading system shock proof.

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