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Chart and Graphs may become faithful tool in market. If you learn them

Monday, October 19, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


chart and graphs are our faithful tool in market.

In market various tools are available to know about fundamental of company and stock market. We are in market to earn and make money. This is truth as like sun light. We have to decide first that we are here to earn money or understand all how know of every stock. In our country it is say like " Eat mango, there is no need to count tree" In this similar fashion making profit in stock market is our first goal. To achieve this goal of making profit.

If we have car and drive it, that time our motto is driving car. We learn some what basic of functionality of car to bring car home in case of any failure. Here our motto is not that become mechanic. In this way our first motto is market is earn money. So we understand and learn some what about basic of technical and fundamental analyst. If start learn each and every point of then we can become expert over time.

If we think fundamentally then there is so many aspects, technical analysis also so much things included. In that all thing there one thing is easy. That is understand graph and charts. Pictorial representation is always easy once it we learn.

Rather than find clue in ashes of figures and numbers it is easy to look out over graph or chart. Chart and graph are represent vast of data in very understandable form. If we go through financial site like Yahoo, Google, Rediff then we can easily found ample of information and charts and data.

In chart we can easily make comparison and logical things to get proper health of stock. In this we can found right stock with help of chart. In chart there is so many patterns are form. If learn this pattern then one can easily understand next move of stock. We can understand buying time of stock. This is not only that. if stock not moves as per our expectation, then we are known level where we can exit. In this we are increase chance of winning. Same time we are reduce chances of losses by exiting in right moment using stop loss.

In this way we can know health of stock. This may become useful tool to make money in stock market.
I doesn't have dare to say that only graph are helpful alone. You have to see graph with historical value also. Price pattern are repeat history. Patten are form over and over again. So one has to study the historical graph and data also. This data are available in free on various financial website. We have understand and learn those things carefully. This study help you every time when you want to buy stock for your portfolio. So give some time to learn it. Till you are not expert in understand graph and chart. Use your own source of information that are till you are using to maintain portfolio.

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