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Free software for trading, use it and find diffrence

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Trading software are the helpful tool to market trade and investment in market. In previous my article I had tell so much about trading software. There are various software are available in financial section for trading. I had hobby to download it and run them on my personal PC. I tested those software with market. This makes me hobbyist testing of financial as well as technology software. I like it. This makes me updated with market and new concept also.

Recently I had come with “Jstock” software this software is under “OPEN SOURCE”.  I download them. Install them as per my own theory, this is due to I am newbie in LINUX(that is different matter I am using Linux Os machine from last two years). On Linux there is difficult to install “.exe” so ever try another type of file format which is suitable for Linux. (You should download “.exe” if you have WINDOWS machine).


Jstock is JAVA based software. There is no meaning to goes in technical section of software for trader. So as trader we have to go through it's usefulness in stock market.

Rather than technical specification of this software I presented here what appeal me in this software.

  • Due to JAVA environment it is open with single click.
  • There is so many data provider are inbuilt like yahoo. We doesn't have to go in technical term of configuration for data server. Jstock automatically set server connection even with direct link or via proxy server if you have.
  • Jstock is suitable for more than 14 countries stock market. Just you have to select country by drag and drop menu button
  • There option to display whole stock for watch screen
  • New version  jstock 1.0.5a is better than 1.0.4j . In this version one can install “Indicator” What they want?  In old version there is no such facility. You have to define your own indicator in this old version. This require lot of programming side ability. Thanks to newer version it made easy.
  • I found Jstock as very good version for trader
  • It will increase your ability to watch so many stock
  • There is option for test your ability of trading by using simulator with real market. You doesn't have to paid for losses. It is online paper trading
  • You can also assign you own indication for get buy or sell signal

For more detail watch screen-shot of Jstock

Then why are waiting for?  Search in Google for “ Jstock” Install it. Install latest version of this software which is “jstock 1.0.5”. Hope you end your search for good software for trading here. This gives you so many information. This will increase your earning and profit in market.

If you have any further  queries then feel free to write here. I will try to give best solution. I try to take care to present  all information in easy manner. Till this is not subject write each and every thing here. My motto is provide you overview and good software introduction to use it. This software is free to download. Use it and tell other also.

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  1. LeY Yee says:

    i would like to ask about how to configure the stock market for bursa to get live feed?

    coz i cant configure in this jstock..

    can you help me ?

  2. Kuwar says:

    There is no need to configure Bursa Malaysia stock market in jstock. There is already Malaysian market is set by developer for convenience. Just goes in add stock market option and click on particular stock market. i.e Malaysian stock market in your case. For jstock Developer make so best work to avoid hassle. Always give thanks to developer.
    Hope you should find your answer.

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