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Some free trading software for you ( Suggestive article)

Saturday, October 10, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


Most of trader are start to use trading software in India. So go for any paid software, one want to make some testing with free one. So today I am providing solution for your those queries. There is so many way to satisfy urge of trading software.

Trading software are piece of code which helps trader to take decision. Most of professional trading software now working with real time. This software start to improve their performance with new technologies. There are are so many libraries (they are also piece of code) to support real time function with fast manner. There is two stream of software industries.

    If one know about this concept, then please skip it. 
    • Closed source Software
    • Closed source are those software we seem in day to day manner on windows environment. We have to paid for these software. If you are programmer you can not make changes in those software because they are not provide any source code to their customer. Just you can used it. You can not modify it and alter it as per your requirement. Most of the Closed source software are paid. You have to paid for it. 
    • Open source Software
    • These are software which are mostly come under GNU and GPL(General Public License). This license give your right to change and modify software as per your need. You are provided with source code of this software. If you are programmer you can change those software as per you need. ( Those are broad concept of Open and closed source. If you want to read more about it then goes on official web of GNU). Main point is that most of the Open source software come to free of cost. Free is not meant that there is comprise in function.
    Now I like provide you some Open source software's introduction here.
    1. Qtstalker
    2. Nextick
    3. Merchant of Venice
    4. Piggy market squeak
    I had used most of this software. Use it and don't forget to tell us how they are? There might some problem to install it, so go first on official website and read their installation instruction properly. Those all software you can search with single try in GOOGLE. Just place name and you will find web for downloading. Those software play at Real time, gives EOD. They can be used with data of Yahoo!! also. This is suggestive article for open source software for Stock market. So you can easily build your trading system. If any name of open source software are excluded feel free to write us.

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