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UP AND DOWNS are nature of Market.. so Why you run away from market

Thursday, October 8, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


UP AND DOWNS are nature of Market.. so Why you run away from market?

Market is place where something is for sell and something for buy. There is always some are on profit side, other makes loss. This is nature of market. This is not uncommon for trader. Trader with new breed are frustrated when they get loss. It is quite natural that if you are getting loss over and over, you may get frustrated. This is quite natural. This failure over and over make panic to trader as well as investor. They try to first grab various resources.

Most of them are think to run away from market. This condition is come to most of trader. What you think this condition is come due to market?  Again ask one question for your mind, Is your trading style is not reason for loss? This question gives answer for your all problems. Then how could be run away from market is right solution? 

I think there is problem with your trading style. With following point you can raise your trading style and found holes of your trading system. You can check how make money in trading

These are simple, but powerful point.

  • You have enough capital in your hand.
  • You run behind every stock who shoot up
  • Are you believe on stop-loss?
  • Are you waiting in loss?
  • Are you first to steal pie in profit
  • You are believe in one moment Jackpot
  • So for Jackpot you are ready for come on road also
  • Are you every make exercise for next day
  • Are you know influencing factor in market
    Hope this point will give you much more clear ideas to make your own path. One who helps himself, helps all. If you have any other point feel free to write here.You are also like New way to earn money in market.

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