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Be your own Online technical analyst with real time data

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 | Labels: , , , | |


Be your own Online technical analyst with real time data

Technical analysis is fun and way to understand trend in stock market. Know problem if you doesn't have any knowledge of fundamental side.

Technical analysis is all based on your available data. There is very scares in stock market world that data provider. So many reader are search-freak for data or real time data. I had write so many articles on that subject with good data provider.

This time I like to glad that you should get real time data for any stock, any index of Indian stock market. I personally test this site and found very useful.

What can do with this website?

You can watch your stock or index with real time (1min) data on screen.  They provide so many indicators for your technical analysis. You can check MACD, EMA,ADX,VOLUME. So you can define you own trading style. These all things comes in real time. This website require very latest version of web browser with JAVA supported.

I am providing screen-shot for your understanding.

Hope you will enjoy  Enjoy !! Realtime data for earning here. Don't forget to give your valuable feedback. Our motto is make free all from tips trap. So I will  try provide here more and more information with free of charge.

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