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We make common mistake in BULL run

Sunday, November 15, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


Bull market common lapses..

Bull market is phase which always like by most of investor and trader. This period is witnessed to double and tripled stock. Huge money is flow from one hand to another. Everyone get their pie as per they invest in market. Portfolio start to increase in multiple. 

Those are cherish moment for all. We appreciate our own decision. This is main cause that our confidence on our decision on top of heaven. We feel that we are market mover. 

Some mistakes are always happen in bull run market. Those mistakes will always come in front desk when market rides on next ride of fall. So it is always better to understand what happen when bull run in market. This is small experience of mine.  This thing normally occur with most of trader and investor so I like to share this words with you. You are free to think that this is right or wrong. You can also suggest another way to behave in bull market.

In this phase we are "buying anything". We least care about fundamentals about anything. We are only concern with make money multiplication. It goes well till the breathing of bull not exhausted. As bubble of bull goes in air worst stock soar from high to 1/100 part also. 

In this time we will unable to sell our basket. This is due to selling fridge to "cheap stock", which we are collected in end of bull rally. In this time only good stock can give you space to landing safely. Then we just watch fall of our portfolio. We are witnessed to our own grave.

So this is better way to choose always fundamentally good and right valued stock. I know they increase slowly but they also fall slowly. 

This article is not to make you frightened. You can buy cheap stock, but exit from their and grab you profit fast.   For long term portfolio always choose good stock. Rather than blindly follow any one Else's advice use your mind, your own intellectual to choose stock.

This bear market is also good time to think for our own lapses. You can use this valuable time to study fundamental things of market. You can use this time to make yourself technical analyst. This time between to battles so always better to make your weapons sharp. This sharp weapons will help you in next war. So you will be winner.

Always keep in mind that bull and bear run in stock market are two faces of same coin.  As one disappear and another comes in front of investor. One part in stock market which is we think casually but it occurs always that are choppy market. We will think every aspect of market like this bull runs problem. I will make continue it in my next article.

I think my purpose of this article get solved when you read it till end. This article is alarm to all investor and trader for next bull run which will in door of Indian stock market. Hope you understand my words.  Use it. Be prepare for next bull run.

What you feel about this article? Feel free to share your own views with our reader. This is very good platform to share your ideas in front of good reader. Our reader are waiting for your reply as me.

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