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Worship of MUSIC

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 | | |


Music is essence of life. Without music no one can imagine life. One can find music in every thing. You can hear rhythm of blood flow in body. Our heart bit sounding music, one can predict ones health by his heart bit also

Nature is full with music. Every place , every thing is fill with rhythm. Just we have to give space and time to hear to ourselves Music is one of the best way to realize ourselves. Our consciousness can find by music. Just give constant watch on your breath then you realize power of music.

So many people are feed their mouth by music. You can find people which are crazy for music. They worship music. They dedicate their whole life for music. You know only famous name. I also know only few of them.

One instance I meet the unknown people, they are in their last way of life. Till they worship for music. They play very old "Instrument" called it "Pipani and Sambal". "Pipani" is one type flute and "Sambal" is drums with special size and shape. I can't tell you their tune in word. They are old and very interesting instrument played in area of (Nasik city)Maharashtra, India. Just watch how those old fellow enjoy their life with music.

Those photos are taken by my mobile camera in night. So they are not in good quality, but they are precious one.

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