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Are you thinking for fulltime trading?

Monday, January 11, 2010 | Labels: , , | |


Are you thinking for full-time trading?

If your thinking for full time trading business, then your decision must be welcomed by market.
I just want to give some details to make clear about your decision.
Capital raising for trading is one of the most important aspect in trading life.
Without capital one cannot thing about trading. Your initial capital decide space for your trading style. Most of trader say," You can trade in market penniless". It feel good to hear something like that. So one can not do practically.

First keep in mind that TRADING is serious business. Capital makes difference in your life. If you have spare money without any liabilities, then use this money for trading. Think about your liabilities in family. In this profession your monthly salary will defined on your performance
in whole month. So your pay check will vary with your style.

No doubt if you perform well then you get rewards in awesome money else. I don't want create around you. Intention of this words are make aware pits of market.

Most of trader use lending money, this is not habit. This lending money create pressure of interest for paid and emotionally also. This may differ your decision while you are trading.

Market is full with uncertainty
Market is full with uncertainty. If your were in Indian stock Market then You are better knows what I want to say.
In last two year market is witnessed to big fall from life time high. Also market recover so rapid it make marks
of 80 percent or more growth is single year.

If you can keep all this while you think about trading as full-time business, your next decision found more accurate.
Oh !! I am forget to tell that You must get fully educate about stock market. Learn all terms that use in market.
There  are some important things you must learn before goes in market as warrior;

  1. Knows basic terms of market
  2. Ratios : There are various ratios which are use to predict next move.
  3. Candlestick Patterns
  4. Graph reading
  5. If you are entered in market with above weapons, then you must win and live in stock market.

Tell you are experience and ideas. So my reader get more aware of market pitfall.

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