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Can Stock market change your emotion?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | Labels: , , | |


We all are active in stock market. Our contact mode with market is differ but today's life is associated with stock market. It is not necessary that we are must have invested money in stock market or trade on market. Our daily life style is always touched by stock market in different area of life. You won't believe on me? Then  think !!  We eat chocolates and biscuits, these all manufacture are raise money from stock market. We are wear various branded jeans those all come with textile section.

We are always touch by market. This is like earth witnessed to high tide and low tide due to moon. In this way stock market is place which act as  center of Indian economy. This is right Gold is traded on commodity exchange. Effect of price fluctuation in GOLD market is affect the stock market.

First engrave on heart, if you want to invest money in stock market. Trading and investing money on stock market is much differ from banks fixed deposit and mutual fund schemes.

“ If your heart is weak then don't dare to come in market”

Stock market is place where various types of instrument are traded. This thing is known by layman also. If you are provide keen observation of market then you would find that in stock market rather than instrument something common thing are traded. Are you getting it? Okay don't try to scratch your head. “Human Behavior” are traded on stock market. Various instruments are only way to transfer and checked emotion.

Every tick of price change witnessed to change in our emotion and behavior. If you don't believe me then start trading in market and watch your changes in emotion and behavior. You will understand how  fast your mind start to shuffle? This  is basic tendency of market. It will change your emotion.

You may disagree with me. No matter. This is my own experiences. What about your own experiences as trader or investor? Feel free to write. Your single sentence will help to many people. Then write your own experiences and feeling about in comment.

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