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It take data provider inbuilt in software. There is five data provider for this software. This all process are taking place automatically. You doesn't goes in hassle.

  1. Yahoo finance
  2. CSV ACSII file
  3. Metastock ASCII file
  4. IB TWS
  5. internet
    Those are data provider for this software.
    Apart from this you there are provision to set your own data provider also. This thing also make more easy.
  • Mode of representation of graph
  • You can watch your stock in candlestick form, in bar chart or in line form of graph. This make you more easily analyzing of of data.
  • Ample of Indicator
  • Ample of bag of indicator to judge your data, so you can found help to take decision whether to buy or sell. You can set custom set of parameter.
  • Graphical real time Ticker
  • Aiotrade provide you real time graphical ticker of your stock or indices. You can add whether stock or Indices using “YAHOO's” symbol. So you doesn't memorize the symbol of favorite stock.
  • Save your changes
  • You can draw your own ideas as well as built in lines. There are built in type of drawing lines. This feature make technical analyst soon.
  • Make custom look
  • You can make custom template for your convenience for looking. This make less strain on your eyes.
  • Support
  • This support Windoows as well as Linux , Mac operating system. You are require Java environment on your system. Don't be afraid now days PC come with JAVA environment.
    This article suggest to my reader that beautiful and talented world of OPEN SOURCE are waiting for you. If you have any problem to run this software use my small knowledge to in your service. Write in comment if you have any problem. I will try to solve it. Even I like to request advance user that help to my reader in comment section positively.

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