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Salary Slip can BOOST your MORAL

Monday, January 25, 2010 | Labels: | |


Salary Slip is thing which drove to do more. This is slip with my name and value of my work. This is final results of What I deserve for my months work? Till date I am not agree with this piece of paper. My salary slip boost my spirit to fly on on new horizon. This is only thing where someone else gives their opinion for my capability.

When this slip come in hand as month started, I always ask myself,” Really I am deserve that much only? , Is this my value?” So many question are make crowed in my head. As cloud of self checking vanished, myself found with new zest in my  breath. If my last days were past in laziness, this slip sound likes alarm to me. That means not that I am always full my life with stress and self-guilty. I am enjoying understand my valuation. This is game for me, which helps me to go ahead.

There may chances sometime to make  pity on my valuation by me. But I can manage to override this thing with good time with my friends. I am not robot who work on input of salary. I am only use this piece of paper as reference scale for my progress.

I found salary slip itself is very right thing to judge own identity. If you take to this against you, you can not go ahead. Judge your self by valuation done by employer. You will find there is chance to improve yourself.

Salary slip give you idea , that you have to learn skill set to increase your valuation in market. So you can alert when your pays are not increase. That means you are not work properly else your effort are not goes in right direction. Most of time I had found, I was pushed my car far from petrol station. Then how can I fill petrol in my car early? How can I am reach to my aim early and fast?. In this way you can analyse your own effort and their direction of effect using salary slip.

So Salary slip found me more interesting as books which ever read to drawn my insight to make me successful. This is also progress sheet. Just you have to understand its meaning of figures. It is depends upon you how can you interpret those figures.

If you have another  ideas and theme regarding pay slip, you can write here. Don't hesitate when you are not agree with me, please give some more time to tell me why are you not think this right ? You opinion can change some one else life. So found responsible while witting comments.

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