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Say Good-bye to Indian Dream car: Maruti-800

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | | |


Some things are special in life. Those are inspiration of crowd. Maruti-800 is one of the thing which always invite middle class to cop up. That is dream car of comman man. This is not only car, it is dream of one generation. Precedence of Maruti-800 were rigid ane robust. In line of those car's Maruti-800 come as pearl. Most of critics said that Maruti-800 is not suitable for Indian road and enviorment. All criticism are make false by Maruti-800.

Today this dream car company stop selling Maruti-800 in big 13 cities of India.Today India adopte Euro-IV standard of emission. Maruti-800 is not fulfill those criterion. Slowly slowly company pack up selling Maruti-800 in another part of India.

This is time to said Good-bye to this beautiful car

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