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FREE Stock analysis software

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 | Labels: | |


FREE Stock analysis software
Today I like presented you one good time tested stock analysis software for Indian stock market(because I had test it on Indian stock market).Find a good software is become my hobby. I can't afford right now to
pay software price, so I am always search-freak for FREE one. If you are my admirable regular visitor, then you are know about Jstock and Aiotrader both are free and smart to work with them.

I am always believe in best. World is full with opportunity. Just you have to find them and use them. Just way I am digging internet. When I got any precious diamond then I presented here. Keep in touch with me.This is not merely Free intraday tips blog. I am also provide so may articles on Technical analysis,Trading Do's and Don'ts.


Best-charts is absolutel free to download.  Best charts is Intemdiate
software and web. It is  working active internet connection only.

What you have to do?
Just download this software from
COPY and Paste this below:

Best-charts is web-based software. It is use YaHOO as source as data.Best charts try to make more easy and user friendly.

  • what should you get with best charts?
* You should useintelligent and classic technical analysis methods,
  live quotes and historical quotes to analyze stocks and generate buy
  and sell signals.

 * Recommandation of Buy and sell signals are displayed on the charts with every indiactory.
   Just you have to scratch head for choose appropriate singnal

 * Back testing: The detailed entry, exit and gain can be listed in a table.
   User may seek good parameters of indicators according to the gain.

 * This software use already seeks optimal parameters of all popular indicators.

 * You either choose live mode to watch allstock price in sig=ngle screen.
   or you can check chrats with variou parameter provide by this TA software.

 * There is facility provide by developer to provide the multimple charts
   Of your stock.   

  • Limitation
You know this software use Yahoo as source of data. For Indian stock market (Nifty ticks almost 4 second ticks, but it is lag 15 minute for stock).

It take some Intial start up time to download your stock script.

You should use (.NS) before and stock name. You can serach Stock symbol in Yahoo finance.

Hope you should maximise your profit. If you have any further query feel free to write down in comment section.

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