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Indian Stock Market Review And Free Intraday Tips For 13 Apr 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010 | Labels: , , , , | |


Today's session close in red after opening above previous close.In early
five minutes Indian stock market increase hopes of trader as well as
investor.Then stiff fall in market. Market slowly loosen pace for further
move on positive side. There is need of any positive NEWS to boost market
on positive side else NIFTY level were found critical to maintain 5350 level.
It is very tough to predict future of Nifty. So there is high volatility
in market. This volatility may beneficial for traders. If you are regular
reader of our services, then you are aware for volatility in market. We were
discussed reason of volatility. We were talking on volatility on dumb market.
Timing is very crucial factor in market. We have to use our past and present
experiences to evaluate future. So your memory should be sharp!!

If you are watching some stock like UNITECH, they are playing hide and seek
with market. When market in positive UNITECH were in negative. when market in negative side then UNITECH is positive side. This factor make me curious about
market and various stock.Need make your skill to sharp. I think this is right sentence for that. If you are savvy of stock market then you should enjoy it first.
No matter what's your passion, you must enjoy it. Then only you can achieve

In today's session Financial sector, IT and Telcom sector are major loser.
Construction is also major loser except UNITECH. There is few good sector
like FMCG. Metal sector play safe today.

FREE Intraday Tips for 13/04/2010

Buy above Stoploss Target1 Target2 Sellbelow Stoploss Target1 Target2
77.8 77.4 78.95 80 77.2 77.6 76.75 75.2

Buy above Stoploss Target1 Target2 Sellbelow Stoploss Target1 Target2
52.43 52.17 52.57 53.17 52.04 52.3 51.83 51.43

Buy above Stoploss Target1 Target2 Sellbelow Stoploss Target1 Target2
791.65 787.75 799.35 819.6 785.8 789.7 771.4 759.8

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