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Tips to Save your money which suck by your printer

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | Labels: , | |


As you all know printing is very expensive, but not avoidable at need. Most of big organization, home user, colleges, institutes and students are spend considerable amount of money on printing on paper. They are paying for every drop ink which is pour through the head of cartridges. If you are look at the price of cartridge label, you should found big pit in your stomach. To save your peace of mind we are always in try to find new tricks with updating our selves. Some remedies may annoy you, but they should point out your style of use. You can change your habits which cut your pocket. There is old verse must remembered always, “Penny saved is a penny earned.”

Tips to Save your money which suck by your printer.

The ‘Draft’ or the ‘Economy’ mode on the printer utilizes less ink, and therefore the quality of the printout is much lighter compared to the normal mode .Use this mode if you need to print drafts or sample copies. To change the setting to Draft, in ‘Printing Preference ‘, select ‘Draft’ and click ‘OK’. To print important documents or images use the ‘Best’ or ‘Normal’ mode only.

If you frequently use the printer, do not switch it ON and OFF every time you’re print. This is because every time the printer is switched on. It not only uses some ink during the initialization process but it also consumes additional electricity. To avoid this, leave the printer in the standby mode.

While printing, do not switch ‘OFF’ the printer mid-cycle. But wait until it stops printing. If you switch off the printer while the midway. This can not only damages the printer head, but can also cause the ink at the nozzle tip to dry up. This can block the nozzle and cause the ink to leak.

If your printer uses both black and colored cartridges, set it to the Black & White/Grayscale mode to print to text documents. Even while printing in black, some color cartridges mix different colors to form black. Setting the printer to Black& White will restrict the use of the color cartridges to a minimum, thus saving on the color cartridges which are expensive compared to the black cartridges. To set the printer to the Black & White mode go to ‘Printing Preference’ select ‘Black &White / print to Grayscale ‘ and click ‘OK’. Select ‘color’ while printing on document.

Every time you print a web page almost everything on the page, including the header, footer. Web address, title, etc is printed in addition to what is needed. To avoid this, open the concerned website, in menu bar of the web browser, click ‘file/ page setup ‘. Remove the text in the ‘Header’ and ‘Footer’ box and click ‘OK’ The printout will only include the main content of the web page. In case you want to retain a part of the header or footer enter the following in the Header and footer box, depending on your requirement .
   Sometimes, when you print a web page, a part of the page is cropped and is printed on a fresh sheet of paper. To avoid this, Click ‘print preview’ what is to be printed. To alter the page orientation click ‘Page Setup ‘  and select ‘landscape ‘mode in addition. If required alter the margins. This alters your pages layout.


Most important and useful tips to save your money print only when required. Print only those portion which is required to read.

This small and simple tips helps you to save your hard earned money. This small contribution by everyone make our Mother Earth green.

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