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At last Nifty able to set on level of 5400

Thursday, July 22, 2010 | | 0 Comments |


Last many session was passes like cloud without rain. Just same condition as most of the part of India. After playing below and near of 5400, Nifty close above this level with firm confidance.

Up coming session will be witnessed of firm growth in Nifty.

There was some loss in volume in last few session, which fulfill by today's volume.

this next run may continue till date of expiry. So you may choose option as big bull to buy.

Stocks like Tata steel , Unitech, Ifci looking good. watch them and choose right catch. After all right time catch only pays you good rewards.

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India stock market watch

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 | | 0 Comments |


Yesterday market was witnessed to profit booking on higher level. So Nifty slip from after fresh high of 52 week. Market breadih is positive. There is heavy movement in midcap counter.

Some of them looking shining one. Unitech is one of the one. BF Utilities also witnessed to good movement. Reliance is under weighted. SBI also gives hand to good move in market.
There is advances in most of stock.

Higher Inflation and low monsoon are cause of worry.

Trade with trend. Trend is friend of trader.

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NIFTY heading up...

Saturday, July 10, 2010 | Labels: | 0 Comments |


In last week market play like child. Two session of Tuesday and Wensday market moves 1% positive and negative respectively. Those two days mere neutralise themselves. On Thursday and friday market make positive direction clear.

Indian market look less prone to global news. So Indian market seems to avoid pressure of negative enviorment of globe. This month will remain month of up and downs.

Impact of fuel prices are still awaited. So make mind hard to play in this month. Nifty look good on this level of 5300. There may chances to cross hurdle of 5400.

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