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Nifty will surprise US.

Saturday, August 14, 2010 | | |


Nowdays Nifty is already in it's high peak. Nifty was testing toughness of 5400 level. If you have good observation, you are very well aware that Nifty was expel 100 points from 5300-5400. So this level Nifty wants to play in near future.

Even though their is slight decline. Nifty will bounce back and surprise us. This month will prove as full of excitement and uncertain moments.

This month of August will clear trend of future. If you are regular reader with me, then you will got answer of why Nifty on this high?

There is only one negative thing seem in those bright future, that is Reality sector. On those group some bad news about sell are upsetting me.
There is increase numbers of vacant and unsold property due to high rate of prices of flat. Customer unwilling to buy house.

This factor may push Nifty from present level. Other group looking bullish.

All above are my own view as Indian Investor. This is not recommedation. This article is published to express my view about Indian market.

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