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Useful Web for Investor and trader, How?

Sunday, August 1, 2010 | Labels: | |


I know you all know about very about NSEINDIA.COM if you are in Indian stock market. Then you should ask,” what’s new about this site?” You are very well aware that if we are always forget simple and easy things. Same thing happen with me about the web of Indian stock exchange’s official site.


NSEINDIA.COM is web site like temple for trader. I always search in information about market on net. Even some time before I was not aware how much good features are provided by NSEINDIA.COM.
If you are in search of EOD data, then why are you digging in world of net? EOD data (end of the day data) is available in underneath your feet like black gold. We always search happens out side. Happiness is always within us. Same way you have to just surf through this web.
NSE INDIA provide so many things for convinces of Investor and trader. Just look at various figures. No matter you are not good at math. Common sense can help you to earn money in market. It is always better than rely on some one another’s tips. Do some simple work with your self. You should enjoy this, rather than rely. You should learn various things from this web site.

This website provide;

  • EDO data
  • Graph NIFTY
  • Graph for stock which are listed on NSE
  • Various types of data like traded quantity, previous closing, open, high, low, close , value of all trading quantity.
  • On section of future and option it also provide option chain with quote value of particular strike

You can use this various data for your trading benefits like;

 Daily Volatility gives you Max and min travel of stock or indices.

E.g. If Nifty close on 5400 and Volatility is 1% that means
Max =5400

This is max travel as per volatility if those boundaries are break, so respective trend is super. Do trading on that direction.

In this way you can use various section and data provide on NSEINDIA.
%delivery can help you to know how much quantity will deliver through traded quantity.
This web site is wizard; just you have to understand it. Experiment yourself. This is very enjoyable thing. When you will earn money through your own technique, then you should do work with happily.

If you are found another method to increase profit, feel free to share with our reader. Our reader are awaited your work. Wise person always use extraordinary sense to acquire new things. Rather than just rely on another’s study, it is better to use own method.
One more thing, before applying any rule checked so many times through paper trading. So this well helps you odd against you.

I think this is enough as arrow mark of road. Every one should find own destination through own maps. This is life long journey to play around stock market. There is no another place you should always find buyer and seller for any product. There is no need of marketing and other selling tricks. Stock market is place where you once understand how to earn money? You will earn always or lose always. You have to define yourself, “what to do?” Earn life long or lose life long.

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