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Happy Dahera to All my Readers!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010 | | |


Today is festival of Dashera in India.
Indian tradition and culture is one of finest culture. In Indian culture
a common day is become festival. Dashera is festival of victory.

All Indian are make their morning with cleaning in house and vehicles.
All the business related thinks and tools are cleaned and make praise of
them today.

I like festivals. Festivals changes life. Festival fills color in life of
human being. It is pause from busy days.It creates joy in life. I like it,
one can't imagine what I think. New breath, new day of festivals help me
to stand and walk for new days with full of zest.

Festival fill me with new spirit for new days.

One must enjoy life as every day as festival. So we are always fill with energy.

I will start blogging again with new spirit.

From last few months I in search with new and exact method to predict moment
of Nifty and other stock. I was studying hard for few days. I know, I am slow.
still I try to make my goal almost 30-40% accomplish.

Keep with me for coming day, I will put my study and achievement here for my

readers knowledge.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wish you Happy Dashera. God bless you and make you Millenniar soon. Keep visiting to know about Technology, Science, and Life. The life is Zero So it is called the zero life.

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