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Indian Stock market and Charting software

Thursday, October 21, 2010 | Labels: | |


Indian Stock market and Charting software

I am go through various forum and discussion board in search of charting software.
There is huge crowd in search of good charting software. Most of Indian broker start to provide real-time charting, but they are lagging so much(If we are think about Indian provides software to world, it is still lagging). Sharekhan and  Indiainfoline are among those who provide software with real-time.
Then, why are so many trader and market enthusiastic are in search and paying for Real-time data provider for advance charting software?  Why are traders wondering and searching for illegal software and data provider for them. If one go through price list of data provider, one laugh on oneself.
Is really those data have too much to pay for that? Why most of traders are not satisfied with broker provider software.

"One Picture are expresses thousand words".

Traders are in search with ultimate software which will provide them freedoms to use various indicator on chart with higher accuracy and real-time.

Prices of stock software are really high. One can't afford it on initial level of trading ( I am talking average capital trader like me).
Knowledge is if bounded with various restrictions then own goes by various way to pursue it. Human being can not live without freedom and knowledge. We have example of Karna in Mahabharta epic.
He was knowledge seeker. He  pursue knowledge, with paying more than what he is getting.

There are some wants from charting software. (It is all behind than features of charting software)

  • It should be affordable price.
  • It should allow user to use tremendous library of Technical analysis indicators.
  • It should allow drawing various types of trend line.
  • It should allow to low level programming for indicators. ₨
  • It should work with real-time.
  • It should be user friendly.
  • It should use on-line as well as off line.
  • It should have facility to send order through them (optional one for me.)
  • At last again it should be at affordable price.

I think open source community is really good project. Why still they are not coming with such software?
I like to make request, if you have ability to donate some money then always try to support funding for open source community. There is really doing good work. (No one can’t live without bread and butter)
                                                                                   I had tried;

Indian Stock market and Charting software
All those are under GNU license. That means Free to use and modified. I really feel regret , why I am not programmer?
Above developer are trying very good, still I am not satisfied with them.
I am not against paying. If I am thinking for paying, I can't pay initially to anyone. If one satisfied and earn some profit ,then  only pay to some other.(Those are my thoughts)
Indian software companies are huge potential. They have huge market in India. If Indian software companies are looking and learning business tactics from FMCG companies, they can easily tap the market. ( I don’t want to say that sell software in Rs.1).

If I am right , then there is still huge chances to penetration of Indian stock market in depth of every layer of community. There is so many people who are waiting for good charting software because of  lack of money. One must take consideration. Give full authority to use as power user. Hope this article goes in eyes of policy makers of big brokering firm.

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