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Nifty and SENSEX in corrective mode

Friday, November 12, 2010 | | |


After big rally from 4900-6300 in Nifty and SENSEX from 15000-21000, both NFTY and SENSEX are exaust. This is long awaited correction in Indian stock market. On Monday we can expect relif rally from market. There is chance to market go upto 6200.

There is huge pressure of inflation on economy. Commodity prices
are also on sky high, oil price are advances. All those are few reason we can give to assure our mind.

This is nature,if something reach to top it must go down again.There may be chances to deep correction near to 18500 level in SENSEX and NIFTY it may upto 5650 level.

This article to aware my reader for correction. Do trading in small quantity. Accept losses and take steps to avoid losses, profit is capable to take care himself.

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