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TRADE TIGAR good experience of trading

Sunday, November 28, 2010 | Labels: | |


Tody my one of friend is invited me to attain Sharekhan's seminar. My friend wants to open new Demat account in Sharekhan. This seminar is introductry seminar on TRADE TIGER. Then I feel that this type of semiar are very essential for new comers in market. No matter Sharekhan educate to thier custpmer before they purchase their product. Till I had found intresting, because my friend satisfied with this seminar. Don't conclude that I am sales person of Sharekhan team. Here today I revealed some pros and cons about TRADE TIGAR.

This article is for my those user, who are want real time trading platform with good tool facility for technical analysis. Don't conclude that I am join to sharekhan's sales force.
TRADE TIGAR is java based trading client for trading. It is provide investor and trader to do trading in real time. You can trade from home.
What shuold require to use TRADE TIGAR?
1. First you have to enroll to sharekhan
2. Download .net frame work from
3. Download TRADE TIGAR from
4.Install first .net frame work on your pc. Then install Trade Tigar.
5. Now your ready to use, just enter your secrect information that is login ID and password.

What is feature of rade tigar?
A. Tade Tigar provides defaulr lisr of pre-setted ticker list. You can also make your own to watch list.
B. Real time graph and beat five buyer and seller window.
C. You can easily place order with this software.
D. Trade Tigar equipped with some basic indicatior, which are basic but powerful. You can study technical analysis with those set of indicator.
E. Trade Tigar include MACD ,RSI,ADX, MA,STOCHASTIC,Bollingar band, which are sufficient to new learner and make good money.

So aboce those feature I had discuss with my friend. Now he is satisfy and think to open Demat account in Sharekhan.

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