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How to COPYRIGHT your work in INDIA?

Thursday, December 9, 2010 | | |


I am fond of wiritting. From my childhood, I had hobby of reading. I am always wishing, I would be great writer( I am dreamt for it. Don't be serious. You should not bear to me. Still I am not writer and author also.). So I early age of adult, I was always keen about that there was stolen of original work. So I was always in worry that how protect my work from theft?(still I am not writting anything. One grat philosopher says that we are creature of fear, that's why we are in progress in physical world. I am forgotting his name..). I know this fear is virtual because I didn't have anything to protect from theft( still that come to net, I didn't write anything. Thanks to net for protect my dream and Sorry for bear me..).

I am always searchfreaking on the net. I had found, How to copyright in Indiq and where?

Why should you opt for copyright your

Copyright helps you to protrct your work from piracy. They are protect claims for rolyity which can be produced from your work. Copyright gives boost to new creation. They protect your work as
well as make aware to community that your work is copyrighted. Be serious about your work. It may rock the world in future.

Indian make available to copyright online. You can copyright your precious work here with simple process.

What should you can apply for copyright?

Your published or unpublished writting, photography, cinematogrpaphy, artistic work, you can apply for the copyrightin india. You can also apply you digital work like your web, only there is need to images and articles are to br applied seperately with proper fees.

How to copyrighy work?

You should get all information regarding copyright, it's fees, document requirment all things are avalilable on .

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