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Is it right time to buy in Indian Stock Market?

Thursday, December 9, 2010 | | |


This is common in investor that they are buying some stock or any other instrument to make profit by selling them on higher price. Normally as in market from last eight years I was observeing one common thing in loosing trade in most of investor's as well as trader. I know you know that very well. We want to buy on lower side and sell it on higher side to gain maximise . This is seem very easy, till you are not buying something in stock market. Once you are enter in buying position then you are realise, this is not easy to buy on low and sell it high. It checks your patience, your emotions. Market play one kind of game with inner soul. Most of time it become hunter of your hope. You feel the amazing fear as well as same time you keep light of hope in mind, in your heart. This war between fear and hope with respective time decide rewards in market that is profite.

You can feel tense as well as joy in market, as like physical life. That's why most of trader and investor are always engage in market. Stock market is not merely place of making trade in hope of profit. It is place of meditation, like temple. It is place to observe yourself. It is place of observe people, who are same creature like ourself. Our emotion in market gives meaing to market.

Most of time when there is buying opportunity in market. You are not dare to buy because opportunity always come with danger. Most of time when stock at low, economy as well market indes shows you havoc. Actually this is right time to catch fish. Everyone want to buy when oceain is quite, but it is not possible. You have to dare to buy in falling or bottomed market. In bottom market there always stock are on discount rate. Market will give you ample of time to buy. Just you have to understand that it's bottom. Just watch fisher man for right time. Don't make in hurry. When price on top, market maket want to sell their stock to you. So avoid being in trap in bullish phase.

If your are intelligient, you can easily understan what I say about Indian stock market. I think time for buying coming in near... Just give to setteled down market on it's bottom. There may be one deep in near future. Just allow market to go on with his own accelaration. Prepare yourself for buying.

I feel buying time come in near. What do you think about that? Tell me and my reader. There may be chance that you have diffrent view than mine. Don't hesitate to share your views.

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